This show has everything performers, crew, and audiences yearn for with relatable characters, music that evokes emotion, and guarantees you will be singing songs from the show after the show.  It tackles a sensitive subject and honors the very real difficulties of people who live with mental health issues and life in general on a daily basis and reveals the honest humor that allows us to laugh at ourselves too.   The show's layers of messages around mental health, specifically anxiety, are both timely and needed.  

The director, Tammy Verreault, has a clear vision for the show in which the set and costumes will represent modern-day times. The story centers around MELODY who is experiencing life as a young adult diagnosed with anxiety.  She is living on her own, has a roommate, has a job, attends the local college, has a therapist,  and struggles daily with her invisible condition.  MELODY sings her pain, her questions, and her hopes.  Her roommate, BETH, hears her music and wants her to share her talent with others while she also deals with her own traumatic issues.  MELODY is too scared.  ANXIETY is real and represented through a character named the same.  FAITH is a character that represents the other side of this mental battle.  MELODY's daily battles are played out through ANXIETY and FAITH.  

Please read through this detailed audition information for all specifics around show dates and rehearsal information, troupe fees, auditions, cast requirements, character descriptions, and musical numbers/stories.

Rehearsals will be held at Grace Community Church  at 1498 Turner Street in Auburn, Maine on Monday and Thursday evenings with small groups and fuller groups on Sunday afternoons.  Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal.

SHOW DATES AND REHEARSAL INFORMATION The show will be performed on Friday, September 30th at 7PM and Saturday, October 1st at 2PM and 7PM at  Cumston Hall located at 796 Main Street in Monmouth, Maine.  

CAST REQUIREMENTS Facebook is our main way of communicating with the entire cast. Every cast member needs to have a way to access our private page where pictures and videos from rehearsal and important announcements will be posted. All information about our production will be easily accessed on this page. We strongly encourage everyone to be able to access this page so if you do not have a Facebook account we would ask you to create one just for use during this show. You could delete it afterward.

Choreography will be basic and will not be part of auditions.
Vocal ranges are listed for those characters with significant solos. Other characters have a general vocal description. Other parts list no vocal range because the role sings in small groups or with the ensemble. 
ATM Cast:
MELODY:  female, 17-24, a college student struggling with anxiety, solos, soprano/mezzo
ANXIETY: male, 16 and up, represents the worry, concerns, and panics in MELODY'S head, solo and ENSEMBLE, tenor
FAITH:  female, 16-24, voice of hope, belief, and dreams in MELODY's head, solo and ENSEMBLE, mezzo/alto
MRS. JOHNSON:  female, 30-60, Melody's mother, solo, soprano 
DR. CARON:  male or female, age 30-up, MELODY'S therapist, ENSEMBLE JAY:  male, 17-26
MELODY'S cousin, solo, tenor BETH:  female, 17-24, MELODY'S roommate, solo, mezzo/alto 
MR or MRS. BROOKS:  male or female, 30-up, MELODY'S college advisor, solo and ENSEMBLEmezzo/alto 
MC Mistress or Master of Ceremonies: male or female, 18 and up, announces at open mic night, ENSEMBLE 
BAILEY and RILEY:  male or female, 10-14, twin siblings of MELODY, ENSEMBLE

ELISA, TREVOR, BRYCE 17-24 friends with MELODY, BETH, OR JAY (ELISA has a solo and TREVOR and BRYCE are part of ENSEMBLE with a few lines 
ENSEMBLE:  ages 12 and up